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Sonic Green Snake

By tuvit1997

Sonic Green Snake, most people know this as a shitty wannabe Sonic Erazor rip-off. However, for the past 6 months I have been working on this from scratch, and I'm quite happy for the results. The main strong point in this version is all the added features. However, sadly I have not had time to work on other aspects much, and the hack has only 1 remade level as of now, but will surely have more in the future.
Currently, there is 3 characters, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles. Then hub zone, which allows you to change some in-game settings, and warp to zones. Then zones has their own hubs, which allows you to go to different acts or back to main hub. The hack has also ported elemental shields from S3K, albeit they are bit glitchy at the moment (Especially I'm annoyed with the instashield art bug). If you go fast enough, you will be able to destroy enemies without rolling, as well as monitors and breakable walls. You will find more about the features when you play the hack yourself. Unfortunately the hack is full of programming flaws and glitches, however nothing games breaking, and most of it is solved already. Also, this should work on real hardware, but there is weird glitch with Turbo mode button on settings, it doesn't work at all on Regen :/

But anyways, I hope you enjoy playing the hack, and be sure to check release thread at Sonic Games Dimension!

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Sonic Green Snake (tuvit1997)
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