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Sonic Adventure Generations

By Dude

Description: Sonic Adventure Generations is a modification to Sonic Generations, designed to be a tribute to the 1999 Dreamcast Title, Sonic Adventure.

The mod is primarily a level pack for the parent game Sonic Generations but other features have been added to make the game feel similar to Sonic Adventure. 7 levels are planned in total, and as of the release planned for the deadline of the contest, 3 levels will be available (only one of them has a classic sonic level - classic levels are being de-prioritized and will be worked on after the modern levels are finished.). This mod makes use of Generation's Navigator feature to display on-screen context-specific hints. Make sure you use it for your first few playthroughs or you might find the game frustrating.

- About the levels-
Emerald Coast Modern:
Emerald Coast modern has been patched significantly. Several gaping collision holes have been filled so speedrunners will have to find new routes. Much playtesting was done with less experienced players and hint objects (the control dialogs that show up in normal levels to guide the player) have now been placed in contextually appropriate situations. The spring chains have been refined to prevent players from accidentally flinging themselves out of the level. Many of the invisible walls that were loathed by the community have been replaced with a new, less intrusive mechanic for keeping players from getting ridiculously low level times. You'll see it if you try island hopping, it can't be mistaken.

Emerald Coast Classic:
EC classic hasn't been updated.

Mystic Ruins:
Mystic Ruins is new and has plenty of paths to explore. Work on Mystic Ruins began almost immediately after Demo 1 was released, so it has been in development for about a year. Some technical features didn't make it into this release such as working waterfalls and GIA, unfortunately we were hard pressed for time however we did get water slides working as a neat little bonus near the end of development. Playtesting later on in development prompted us to add more checkpoints and, just like emerald coast, add several contextual help icons where needed. If you get lost and have issues with the invisible walls in the main area, look for some signs. There are wooden signs that clearly indicate possible routes in the train station area.

Windy Valley:
Windy Valley is also new and has many paths to explore but these paths are less divergent than those of Mystic Ruins. Windy Valley is significantly younger than Mystic Ruins and has been in development since May 22nd. Because of this, Windy Valley is considered BETA (heh, beta Windy Valley...) and very little non-developer playtesting has been done. This version of the level was built off of DaGuAr's rip, and was then heavily processed to work well with Generations, as well as a visual upgrade.

Many people contributed to this, make sure to read the readme file that comes with the mod to find out more about who helped make this awesome piece of software come to life!

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Sonic Adventure Generations (Dude)
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