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Sonic 1: Sonic CD Edition

By Animemaster

Sonic 1 : Sonic CD Editon - Is a rom hack currently in progress, of the original Sonic The Hedgehog Game by Sega modified by the user Animemaster. As the name sounds, it is an attempt of applying a Sonic CD styled Sonic 1 with Animemaster's own added features and gimmicks to make more interesting and enjoyable. The hack currently consists of many things such as graphical updates, new layouts, music and features. Some are mimicked to look like that of the original Sonic CD for the Sega CD. However with the new ideas such as different ways to time travel, fighting as well as racing MetalSonic, Remixed/new art rather than just ported level art from Sonic CD, Hidden levels/bonuses for collecting the timestones and more to give playablitly and enjoyment, its clear that this is not just a recreation but much more.

Currently the only playable character is indeed the Hedgehog himself Sonic, however possible changes include Tails with own adjectives rather than being the same as Sonic. As it is, this hack was inetentionally going to be a mini hack. However with progress slowing down, and new ideas coming through its possible that this will become more of a hack than a mini hack in the future.

All of the edited work is done my Animemaster, however may occasionally seek out beta testers and ask the community in what direction the hack should go.
There is already two videos that were released previously on Youtube which you can check out below the page, showing of the progress of timetravel and how the Present, Past and Future looks like.

As said this was originally a mini hack and in theory still is which only GHZ were playable. Although this seemed to short, and so two maybe three more levels will be included in the hacks final release.

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