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Sonic Generations - Adabat Adventure Pack for PC

By Arcieo

Hello, everyone! We're happy to introduce you our latest project that takes place in Sonic Generations modding. Take a look at this.

We named our project the Adabat Adventure Pack. The goal of this mod is to port Adabat DLC acts from Sonic Unleashed to Sonic Generations. The Adabat Adventure Pack is a mod consisting of all Jungle Joyride stages that had not been included in the Unleashed Project, most notably Act 2, 3, 4 and 5.

This modification contains:
1. The Adabat Adventure Pack DLC from Sonic Unleashed, ported with one-to-one accuracy which includes:
. Jungle Joyride Act 2
. Jungle Joyride Act 3
. Jungle Joyride Act 4
. Jungle Joyride Act 5
2. No werehog or any missions. The progression system in this mod is completely linear.
3. The Adabat Hub World, also ported from Unleashed + a lot of new NPCs there.
4. A brand new music theme for the Adabat Hub World, made by BaluvXaluv.
5. All of the action levels now have Red Star Rings in them.
6. Addition of Skill Shop in the hub. With the help of it, now you can play these levels with Super Sonic and other skills, what isn't possible in Sonic Unleashed.
7. Addition of Information Pod. You may use it as a FAQ that will help you to ask your questions.
7. New time requirement for a S-rank in all levels - now it won't be so easy to get them all.
8. Complete removal of Classic Sonic from the game for the authentic Unleashed experience.
9. This mod supports the online update feature. This means that the mod can be updated via the Internet with SonicGMI. Along with bug fixes there will be future additions to the mod and updating via SonicGMI will make getting the newest version easier.

This mod is also compatible with other mods that we've created. They are AAP Cinematic Effect Mod, AAP LowEnd Mod and AAP NoMotionBlur.
1. AAP Cinematic Effect Mod - Activating this mod will give slightly darker colours along with greater saturation thus giving a more cinematic effect to the enviroment.
2. AAP LowEnd Mod - This mod removes all water columns and sets original fire, thus it will increase FPS in game. This mod was created to people who have problems with weak PC.
3. AAP NoMotionBlur - This mod removes all unnecessary blur so you can use it for video or screenshots.

When developing the mod we were presented with the difficult challenge of making our mod the same quality of the Unleashed Project. Because of this we had to be very serious and put in a lot of effort to do our best in an attempt to succeed at this challenge.

We made the decision not to use source material from the Unleashed Project, but rather to create our own as many of the formats used had no documentation provided. Because of this one of our big challenges was to create an hkx converter, something which would be able to convert the physics of Unleashed to Generations. We had help with this from NeKit who worked on the converter for over a month, in the end succeeding. We also had to develop the placement of objects and cameras as many are simply not available in Generations. We admit it wasn't easy to create this mod. It took us more the four months of development.

So have we succeeded in our challenge? That's for you to decide!

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Sonic Generations - Adabat Adventure Pack for PC (Arcieo)
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