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Egg Fleet in SADX

By pablodrago

The Eggman Fleet, also known as the Egg Fleet, is an immense group of flying battleships built by Doctor Eggman. Bristling with guns, cannons, and robot armies, it is capable of laying waste to nearly everything in it's path. Built for the purpose of helping the evil scientist take over the world, the Eggman Fleet has appeared in various forms in Sonic Heroes, Shadow the Hedgehog, and Sonic Unleashed And now in Sonic Adventure DX.
This is a stage with a few choices of paths and plenty of opportunities for rings, level ups, and extra lives, also this level include a extra mod, a character pack of the most popular robots in the Sonic franchise.

Instalation: just extract in your SADX folder, replace the files and use "Egg Fleet.exe" to play, find both acts in the trial level selection. Be sure you have backups of the exe, dll files and the system folder.
(note: this hack won´t work on the steam version of SADX, only in the 2004 release)

know bugs:
- Collition problems: is related on the way SADX handle the models and objects
- Fliying part: the player can choose not to take the Tornado and "walk on air". this can´t be fixed since the only object that can help doesn´t work in this level, so please take the Tornado!

- Stage models ripped by me
- Models ported by me
- Other models, not by me
- Neo-Metalsonic by TiggoRech
- MainMemory for the SADX tools such as SADXmdl and SADXlvl
- Music by PONYCANYON (i just extended the song)

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Egg Fleet in SADX (pablodrago)
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