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Sonic 2: S3 Edition

By Alriightyman

Sonic 2: S3 Edition is a hack of Sonic the Hedgehog 2. It includes many engine modifications that bring it closer to Sonic 3's Engine.

***This is an early Work In Progress!***

Some current features include:
- Act Transitions
- Level Transitions/Intros
- Mini-Bosses
- Save Screen
- Knuckles as a playable character (with alternate routes)*
- EggRobo replaces Eggman/Robotnik in a Knuckles game
- Opening cut-scene (Sonic/Sonic and Tails Only)

* Currently in EHZ only
Unseen additions:
- S3K Object Manager
- S3K Rings Manager
- S3K Level Layouts
- S3K Drawing system
- Kosinski Module system
- Plus more!

Known Glitches:
- Backgrounds, backgrounds, backgrounds. I am currently re-writing all deform code and a lot of the backgrounds are somewhat broken.
- Aquatic Ruin Zone Boss has a few problems.
- A few color/graphical glitches here and there. Mostly with Knuckles.

Currently, only Emerald Hill, Chemical Plant, and Aquatic Ruin Zone are available.

Screenshots & Videos


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