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137E0 Action 1 Steak

By LuigiXHero

For a certain handsome egg.

Music Shamlessly Stolen from: Bakayote
Everything Else: LuigiXHero

Steak Stolen From: SuperEgg, you can hear his honks of rage on the Sega Screen.

Controls & Abilities:
- Hold up and Press jump to do a Super Peelout
- Hold Down and Press Jump to spindash
- Press Jump to Jump

Top Sekret Info:
- There is a rumor that finding the Giant Steak in the level will let you go to other locales. (Not in current build, probably never will be added since this is the only planned release)
- Few Easter Eggs, Enjoy finding them all. (There is even one that involves a handy dandy Hex Editor)

Screenshots & Videos


137E0 Action 1 Steak (LuigiXHero)
Filesize: 594.5kb
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Kaibaman41 (Posted at 12:30:46 11-11-2016)
Would love to see more out of this for next year

Ali Star (Posted at 03:10:25 09-11-2016)
Ideas cute but cant find the steak bro

HyperSonic16 (Posted at 11:36:33 07-11-2016)
Welp I bet SuperEgg got all the steaks he can in this hack before it became public (and is that the Minecraft texture for steak?)

Eduardo Knuckles (Posted at 11:19:52 07-11-2016)
What the fuck is this hack? HAHAHAHAH! So funny!