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Sonic Halloween

By CamManS5

Eggman has been possessed and turned into Devil Eggman and has cursed South Island. Find the Chaos Pumpkins and undo the curse.

This is a Sonic 1 hack that I release a new build of each year on Halloween. This hack is mainly focused on art and music edits, however, a new monitor has been implemented in one of the zones.

MegaPCM ~ Vladikcomper

~Special Thanks~

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Sonic Halloween (CamManS5)
Filesize: 644.0kb
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superdvsonic (Posted at 15:52:32 12-11-2016)
This is really cool i love the revamped art work and music its a great Halloween hack

Ali Star (Posted at 00:11:50 11-11-2016)
This is an awesome hack and I cant wait for the next update :D