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Sonic Next Genesis

By ProjectFM

Sonic Next Genesis a hack of Sonic the Hedgehog inspired by a the 2006 game Sonic the Hedgehog but mostly contains custom content.

Three playable characters which each start with different levels
The ability to have a partner character
A soundtrack full of songs ported from other Genesis games
New art
4 levels and a boss fight
...and much more!

Helpful Notes:
This release is far from what would be an ideal release due to rushing in order to get the hack in on time. Because of this, most levels are mostly empty and are more made to show off the features that have been added. A more complete release will come soon.
When the results music starts playing, pressing A, B, or C will bring you to the next level. So many playthroughs I saw of last year's version consisted of people trying to wait out the screen.
In order to complete the special stage (the one with SSZ art), you need to move downward to a platform at the end of the level.

Current Bugs:
Completing a bonus stage will crash the game in Regen and MD.emu
-However, it works fine in Fusion, Gens, and Exodus
Sometimes multiple monitors will spawn in one spot
Some times, the music for Aquatic Base Act 1 stops
Sonic's jumping noise stops working during the boss in Dusty Desert
Partner characters don't collide with platforms
The game won't start properly when doing a soft reset
Sonic and Shadow don't use their correct palettes when Silver is leading
and countless others.

RedHotSonic - Sonic 3K's Priority Manager in Sonic 2
MarkeyJester - 128 Variation of Disassembly, Background Deformation Code, ASM Guide
HiveBrain - Sonic 1 Disassembly
Mercury - ReadySonic
vladikcomper - Background Deformation Engine
Stealth - SonED2
MainMemory - SonLVL and related programs
Xenowhirl - SonMapED, Sonic 2 Disassembly
snkenjoi - Flex
Tornado - Water Guide, Sonic 3 Sound Driver in Sonic 1 Tutorial
DemonFox - Caterkiller Fix for 3K's Priority
MoDule - Sonic 3K's Priority Manager in Sonic 2
shobiz - Sonic 3K's Ring Manager in Sonic 2
Sonic master and hitaxas - Splash Screen Tutorials
Kram1024 - Sonic 3K's Sound Driver in Sonic 1
ValleyBell - SMPS Research
flamewing - SMPS2ASM
Dolphman - Genesis-style Sonic Advance badnik art
x\\\_justicehunter\\\_x - Silver sprites
Damien - Shadow Sprites
The creators of all the Sonic 1 and 2 Sonic Retro SCHG and SSRG tutorials
SSRG and everyone on it
People who contributed art to The Spriters Resource
My cat Nicole for sitting with me while I worked on this
And many other people I likely forgot to credit


Screenshots & Videos


Sonic Next Genesis (ProjectFM)
Filesize: 890.0kb
Click here to download


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Eduardo Knuckles (Posted at 11:45:35 13-11-2016)
This is a great promise, but not actuallly a good hack. This game seems very unfinished and bugged, though the level design seems too linear and too platform-based, almost without enemies on places. I'm having hopes to this hack to be better next year.

JoenickROS (Posted at 23:19:08 12-11-2016)
Because then you could have my Dreams of an Absolution port in it :>

JoenickROS (Posted at 23:18:24 12-11-2016)
I will say this, at least you have Shadow actually skating (As I never learned how to), Shadow in Return of Shadow doesn't even have that, but like others have said it has promise, but needs quite a bit of work. Also I agree what Targettoad.

superdvsonic (Posted at 15:48:10 12-11-2016)
This hack has a lot of promise however it still needs a lot of work to make it a truly great hack. That being said i did enjoy what i played its alright

TargetToad (Posted at 15:40:07 09-11-2016)
I wish you kept some of the '06/2015 version music at least as an option for the stages.
But you did make silver play like how he should have played in '06 (being able to attack without boxes)

Ashuro (Posted at 15:46:48 08-11-2016)
A little disappointed, Sonic's gameplay isn't fast, there is too much platforming gameplay.
Silver's gameplay is good and background are very cool.

KingofHarts (Posted at 07:12:44 08-11-2016)
The one positive thing I can say about this hack is the backgrounds...
Oh, and playing Shadow and running off from Sonic makes Sonic come after you like Sonic.EXE.

Yea, this wasn't great.

Bakayote (Posted at 07:08:28 08-11-2016)
Level design? More like straight lines.
Seriously, there's way too many of them in this hack.

mlg vvv (Posted at 14:42:40 07-11-2016)
this is alot better than last year i love this hack mate good levels grate music
a few grapich gliches but that is ok.