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Sonic Generations - Sonic Colors - Game Land Act1 Demo

By JoeyLaw

Welcome to Sonic Generations - Colors Project - GameLand Demo


# Introduction:
This Mod is port from Sonic Colors Stage and Combine 3 Acts into ONE Stage.
The mod of whole stage are render by ObjectPhysics and only available to play Act1.

# Planning Features:
- Porting All GameLand Stage into ONE Mod
- Original Set file will changed to Mission Challenge

# About the "ObjectPhysics
- Rings will go though the platform (floor) when you got hit
(If not the sold with Stage Terrain Collision)
- The Loop Collision also must be used from Stage Terrain Collision
- PushBox just work in Stage Terrain Collision, but still a lot of glitch when the box pushed (The Box will not stop when crash into wall)
- Fxpipeline can see the Sonic's shadow but the General Render doesn't.
- Render the Set.Object to Terrain Model are too waste time (and will get crash) when the program count with unlimited multi boxs. LOL

# About the "FPS - Running in Game"
- Will make a lot of lags if the stage have too much Object (ObjectPhysics)
I have decrease with ObjectPhysics Range and load it by Layer.

1. Extract zip folder into
2. SonicGenerantions\Mod
3. Goto SonicGMI then choose (Sonic Colors GameLand)
4. Save and Play

Don't forget to read README.txt! Information about the installing is there.

#JoeyLaw (Main Mod Developer)
- ObjectReplacement

- MissionOpenBlock
- trickringgone
- Helps and Tools (xan1242, N69)

- SonicColors Set2xml (Big Thanks)
- Helps & Tools
- Beta Tester

- Create SkyBox Animation - Autodraw
- Loading Omochao Removal
- Beta Tester

- Demo Sequence Script (Boot Sonic Generations Demo Mode)

- Generations Archive Editor

- Creator of SonicGlvl

- Spline Exporter

Screenshots & Videos


Sonic Generations - Sonic Colors - Game Land Act1 Demo (JoeyLaw)
Offsite Link
Click here to download


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