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Lose Tails Or Else

By GT Koopa

A reverse (and sequel) of an earlier Sonic 2 hack I did called "Keep Tails Or Else." You have 30 seconds to get rid of Tails otherwise you get a game over. Clearing the challenge immediately warps you to the next act. Go for the highest score!

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Lose Tails Or Else (GT Koopa)
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L3DZ (Posted at 20:11:08 13-11-2016)
really fun

ElectricSparx (Posted at 06:17:43 13-11-2016)
I like the concept, but getting a game over for running out the timer is just unfair, especially when you only have 30 seconds.

Eduardo Knuckles (Posted at 22:46:54 12-11-2016)
Very fun. Surely one of the funniest hacks in the contest. If you don't go desperately, you'll die. Then GO FOR IT! Nice job!

Campbellsonic (Posted at 23:05:39 09-11-2016)
I really like this! I love hacks that bend the rules and put a twist on an existing game.

Pacguy (Posted at 15:34:10 09-11-2016)
I was disappointed by this one, it could definitely be improved on.

Ali Star (Posted at 03:15:10 09-11-2016)
Very fun joke hack, I really enjoy this one :D