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Sonic Pocket Winter

By Valley Bell

This is a small proof-of-concept hack, made using a disassembly of Sonic Pocket Adventure for NeoGeo Pocket Color that I worked on during the last year.

- Character Select screen that makes you able to select Tails and Knuckles
- It's now winter in Neo South Island Zone.
- added Sonic's Super Peelout (simplified) and Tails' flying ability (Yes, you can hurt enemies like in S3K.)
- added Knuckles including gliding (huge thanks to VAdaPEGA for drawing additional sprites!!)
- new music (both ported and custom)
- DAC voices for character selection
- bugfixes and optional tile compression (to make room for the additional sprites)
- edited first boss

Thanks to:
- Hex-Rays for the Interactive Disassembler
- Konstantin Norvatoff for the TLCS900 IDA module
- Alfred Arnold for Makroassembler AS
- Nintendo\_6444 for Tails' flying sprites
- MainMemory for SonLVL
- Kent Hansen for Tile Layer Pro
- Sonic Physics Guide (was a big help while coding Tails' and Knuckles' moves)
- VAdaPEGA for additional Knuckles sprites and any additional graphics in general
- W1P3OUT XL a.k.a SynthRye for the Ice Cap Zone MIDI I used for the boss' theme

Screenshots & Videos


Sonic Pocket Winter (Valley Bell)
Offsite Link
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D.A. Garden (Posted at 10:09:33 13-11-2016)
Whilst there are some small issues (art being unfinished, Knuckles gliding feeling off), overall this is impressive work. I can't even begin to understand how this was pulled off. I love the character select screen in particular: simple but effective.

ElectricSparx (Posted at 07:07:57 13-11-2016)
Wow, a Pocket Adventure hack? This is really good. I like being able to play as Tails and Knuckles, and the winter theme is pretty neato.

CodeNameMars (Posted at 02:59:12 13-11-2016)
Talk to you on VGMrips! Keep up the Good Work! Also can't wait for the upcoming VGM conversion of the OST! :)

ValleyBell (Posted at 22:32:12 09-11-2016)
The "hidden" attribute was set by pure accident. (fixed the archive)
The unrolled jump is triggered by Up+A/B and it shouldn't kill momentum at all.
Missing sprites/text is due to me running out of time.

KosmoF (Posted at 01:26:26 08-11-2016)
I have a major nit-pick about this hack, and that's the characters more often than not jump without rolling into a ball; it really throws you off when trying to attack enemies, or make a longer jump (the non-rolling jump kills momentum).

DevEd (Posted at 12:55:14 07-11-2016)
Oh yeah I found a few Knuckles bugs as well. 1) when pushing or skidding, Knuckles turns into redhotsonic 2) when you beat a level it says "TAILS GOT THROUGH".

KosmoF (Posted at 12:11:28 07-11-2016)
I was happy to see a hack of this game; time to load up the NeoPop emulator :D

DevEd (Posted at 11:48:47 07-11-2016)
Heads up: The ROM file has the "hidden" flag checked on Windows. Is there some reason for this?