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Eggmanland for Sonic Generations

By NeKit

Eggmanland for Generations!

Eggmanland mod contains the most infamous stage from Sonic Unleased directly ported and remastered for Sonic Generations game engine. This mod shows us the maximum of what we can do on "vanila" game engine. Yeah, no Werehog, QTEs and other stuff here, but it is still fun to play!

--Main Eggmandland Act rebuilt for absolute no Werehog gameplay.
--Intro cutscene rendered in real-time! (With English subtitles and ENG\JPN Voice Over!)
--Tornado Defense Act (optional, gameplay not implemented)

- No infinite loadings thanks to the use of the original music sound files.
- Full 3D Hub World
- 'Sonic Unleashed' physics.
- No Sonic Generations skills
- 5 Red Star Rings

1. Extract archive into the 'mods' folder (if you have old version, please remove it)
1.2. For better experience, please download and put the MODDED exe file (or you can mod it yourself, just check AboutSkydive.txt)
1.2. Put .sfd files into 'movie' folder
2. Launch Sonic GMI and make sure that the Eggmanland mod has the highest priority
3. For the first launch, please DISABLE all the other game mods, except FXPipeline (especially TwilightZoney Unleased Style Sonic Model)!!!!!

----Low end version----
This mod contains a special low-end version of Eggmanland.
-Some lightning effects are stripped down for the sake of performance.
Make sure "EggmanLand LowEnd Lights" mod has higher priority than the main mod.

Full information in Readme.txt!

Screenshots & Videos


Eggmanland for Sonic Generations (NeKit)
Offsite Link
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Eduardo Knuckles (Posted at 12:36:23 08-11-2016)
Never seen anything greater or better than this thing I awaited for years to play!