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Sonic 3 and Blue Knuckles

By Blind\\_Jack

Sonic 3 and Blue Knuckles is a ROM hack of Sonic 3 and Knuckles. It adds in Blue Knuckles, a 'hidden' character in the original Sonic 3 and Knuckles, which he was
only playable through glitches or hacking. This hack is also adding a new zone, currently in the works.

Features added:

Blue Knuckles

A new zone (partly)

Screenshots & Videos


Sonic 3 and Blue Knuckles (Blind\\_Jack)
Filesize: 2,032.0kb
Click here to download


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Ali Star (Posted at 00:07:43 11-11-2016)
Flat out boring

Ashuro (Posted at 21:13:51 07-11-2016)
Blue knuckles. Ok, palette swap then?

UltraEpicLeader100 (Posted at 15:25:50 07-11-2016)
Nice job bringing an ancient glitch back to life!

Spanner (Posted at 18:06:06 09-10-2016)
The MEGA link is broken and requires the encryption key link. If you keep on adding broken links the entry won't be in the contest.

Spanner (Posted at 05:03:30 09-10-2016)
Hint: A Dropbox home link does not constitute a valid link. Find somewhere else to upload.

Blind\\_Jack (Posted at 07:27:24 04-10-2016)
I hope you enjoy this hack!