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Tails Adventure LX

By lordxernom

Welcome to my hack of Sonic spin-off game Tails Adventures for the Sega Game Gear.

- edited level layouts
- edited palettes
- edited cutscenes
- music swap
- edited SEGA logo
- other changes

Special Thanks goes to SupperTails66's for making Tails Adventure editor "Tales" - without that program, this hack won't exist.

Note: Only Polly Mt. 2 has the same level layout, but I putted items near warp areas to make gameplay easier and less boring by exploring the same Polly Mt. 2. The rest is completely custom.

Screenshots & Videos


Tails Adventure LX (lordxernom)
Offsite Link
Click here to download


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lordxernom (Posted at 19:14:03 10-10-2016)
Thank you very much for fixing my problem. I fixed broken link from my previous comment, so please don't delete my entry. XD

lordxernom (Posted at 11:03:22 09-10-2016)
I can't put this external link. Please fix it fast as you can. Download link:\_for\_others/LordXernom-TailsAdventuresLX\%28SHC2016\%29.rar