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Sonic 3 and Knuckles: Chaotix Edition

By Jdpense

This my main project Sonic 3 and Knuckles Chaotix Edition!

This hack contains a co-op system that functions similar to Knuckles Chaotix. Both of the players are linked to one another and have to work together in order put a stop to Robotnik's evil plans.

- New Options Menus
- New Music and SFX(From SCD and KC)
- New Co-op system like Chaotix
- New Level Design to work with the tethered/rubber-band gameplay
- A single player mode in case you don't want to play with the rubber-band gameplay
- New monitor power-ups (such as the Combi-Ring)
- New HUD display, new sprites, and so much more!

Playable Levels (In this demo):
- AIZ (acts 1 & 2)

Playable Characters (In this Build):
- Sonic
- Tails
- Knuckles
- Mighty

- Hold A while near your partner - To carry your partner, and release the A button throw your partner in the direction your player is facing.
- Release A while holding up: To throw your partner up.
- Release A while holding down: To cancel the throw.
- Hold A while distant from your partner - To do a charge up, and release the A button to release your partner's speed. (Only works with P1 and CPU.)
- Press B button - To call your partner to the same position as where you are. This is used just in case you or your partner gets stuck in any section of a level.
- Press C button - To jump

To Restart Level (In case you mess up):
- Press A, B, C while the game is paused.

Additional Info (In Menu):
- Press Start to confirm your options
- Press B to cancel your options

Tools Used:
- SonMapEd
- SonEd 2

Credits and Special Thanks:
- Xenowhirl for SonMapEd
- Stealth for SonEd 2
- Flamewing for the improved S3k Sound Driver
- ValleyBell for the SFX and Music Rips from SCD and KC
- Bakayote for hosting my hack

Screenshots & Videos


Sonic 3 and Knuckles: Chaotix Edition (Jdpense)
Filesize: 2,162.6kb
Click here to download


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SkyMan (Posted at 21:38:28 12-11-2016)
Chaotic is the word. The CPU is really wacky, but I'm grateful that you added the one player alternative. If possible, try and alter the CPU so the gameplay is less 'chaotic'. Other than that, it's a great fun and frantic hack.

Ali Star (Posted at 00:08:22 11-11-2016)
Very confusing selecting CPU, it was fun on 1 player though :D