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Sonic Frenzy

By SteamPoweredPixel

Sonic Frenzy is a hack that mainly features modified art and level layout in an attempt to create a fresh classic sonic experience. Currently contains two new zones with unique layout and multiple and varied level routes.

Set after World War Two, Sonic must attempt to stop the cold war between the US and Russia through political espionage and.....who am I kidding, go stop Robotnik from shoving little furry creatures into robots.

>>>Zones & Layout>>>
The game primarily features the basic structure of go right whilst adding multiple level routes and challenges along the way. Often times getting to the goal will be pretty straightforward. Getting the special rings however may require finding more complex routes with more danger to accompany them.
Balloon Lake Zone - A fairly fast paced zone with much to explore and hills that allow you to gain height when going fast allowing for speedrunning. Mixes in some platforming along with more tricky but rewarding underground paths.
Mushroom Mountain Zone - A mix of speed building slopes and mushroom based platforming followed by exploring caves filled with glowing mushrooms and lava.

>>>Changes from Last Release>>>
-New zone, Mushroom Mountain
-Less bottomless pitage
-Removed d**kish enemy placement
-Modified art and palette
-Modified springs
-Other small layout changes

>>>The Future...>>>
Obviously there's hope to add more zones ect and I don't expect anything to hinder that process. There are obviously hopes for new music along with new bosses, but sadly I'm not exactly skilled enough in either the musical or technical department so they may be a while.

This hack will most likely continue to be developed. However, as this is my first hack I am a little unsure on direction so feedback will always be appreciated.

If you have any need to contact me, (Whilst I'm here, if anyone knows why editing special stages doesn't work in the GIT disassembly, please let me know.)

Myself, SteamPoweredPixel AKA Brandon Lea :\\\\_rCLj9zNTxpl0zw
Sonic Retro :

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Sonic Frenzy (SteamPoweredPixel)
Filesize: 375.3kb
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SkyMan (Posted at 08:21:16 12-11-2016)
Although the art is charming, I suggest you build on it so it's more visually appealing. The level design is good but there are a couple of bugs. There is a bit that needs to be done, but so far it's looking pretty nice (Especially for a first hack)!

Ali Star (Posted at 00:11:07 11-11-2016)
This hack is pretty nice, the level design can be pretty unfair but after some time I can see this working very well

Pacguy (Posted at 15:00:52 08-11-2016)
This hack was surprisingly decent; a little gem blending into the rubbish, it was pretty refreshing. I think this could be pretty nice hack, with a little more development.

Painto (Posted at 13:47:35 08-11-2016)
One thing I could point out here is that the level art in GHZ uses Sonic's palette line, so a bit of ground patterns is visible a bit earlier than the rest, which looks a bit odd. Otherwise it's pretty nice.

Bakayote (Posted at 07:51:07 08-11-2016)
The layouts in this hack are rather well done and the story is amazingly crazy.
My vote for the Lava Reef trophy goes to you.

AbyssalLeopard (Posted at 11:45:14 07-11-2016)
This is actually a pretty good hack, but I have to agree with Natsumi there, the art leaves to be desired. The concepts are wonderful, and the level design is almost brilliant despite lacking gimmicks, but you need to make the graphics more realistic.

Natsumi (Posted at 11:13:25 07-11-2016)
I've got to say, I was expecting this to be a shit hack, seeing as other hacks are this year. But surprisingly, because the art while not good, is not too bad either. That said, it did crash randomly in act 2, so eh. You have to work on the art a lot.