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The Radikal Ralakimus Hack Pack (WOW!) - Volume 1

By Ralakimus & Bakayote

Have you ever wanted to play Ralakimus' mini-hacks, but you couldn't find the ROMs for them or you just don't like having separate ROMs for each mini-hack? Well, we got a solution!



It includes such classics as...

- Sonic 1: 25th Anniversary Edition
- CrazySonic 2??
- Normal Sonic 1 (Totally not trippy at all!)
- Join in the Fun
- Good Luck
- Cool Sonic 2 Hack (Ralakimus' very first Sonic hack!!)

We bring you all this for the price of NOTHING! That's right! Nothing! You can play each of these amazing games any time of the day for no charge at all!

Notice: This entry may or may not work on actual hardware, we didn't get to test it out. Also, it may look delicious, but don't attempt to eat this game!!

Pro tip: Once you're in a chosen game, press A+B+C+START at any time to return to the main menu.

QUICK NOTE: This will not work in Gens or Gens/GS. However, it will work in Kega Fusion, Regen, and Genesis Plus GX (it's in Bizhawk for PCs), so use one of those.

SUPER SEKRIT HINT: A+START, B+START, C+START, or A+B+C+START AT THE TITLE SCREEN, Each combination does something different!

Ralakimus - Programming, Minor Menu Art, Creator of the hacks featured.
Bakayote - Splash Screen and Menu Art, Music, Bug testing.
LuigiXHero - Bug testing, Special Thanks.
TheStoneBanana - Bug testing, Special Thanks.
Pablo's Corner - Special Thanks.
JoenickROS - Special Thanks.

Screenshots & Videos


The Radikal Ralakimus Hack Pack (WOW!) - Volume 1 (Ralakimus & Bakayote)
Filesize: 3,471.3kb
Click here to download


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Ralakimus (Posted at 03:27:09 13-11-2016)
Hyper Tails: I own one, but my Genesis' A/C adapter was broken, so I couldn't do tests.

CodeNameMars (Posted at 03:17:01 13-11-2016)
Truly one of the Strangest yet on inspiring hacks to come out of SHC! You get my Polygon Jim Vote for sure!

Hyper Tails (Posted at 01:16:17 13-11-2016)
Also, Have you ever heard of Everdrive.
I put the ROM on the cartridge. =)

Hyper Tails (Posted at 01:15:13 13-11-2016)
So here are my thoughts:
1: The Picture Room is so funny, so I gave it the Windy Valley Trophy
2: Good Luck was easy for me, even though it had a flipping screen.
3: Boombox Only Has 4 tracks. =(
4: Cool Sonic 2 Hack is kind of weird.

Ralakimus (Posted at 17:31:46 12-11-2016)
I am secretly bacteria that can be found on Mars.


Eduardo Knuckles (Posted at 17:01:25 12-11-2016)
Sometimes I ask myself if Ralakimus is a human or a extraterrestrial. He does very surreal things in their hacks. I was supposed to be hating this hack, but for some reason I'm in love with this one.

TheMrCrawler 1991 (Posted at 07:51:04 12-11-2016)
One of the best rom hacks i've played, Sonic 1 25th Anniversary Edition totally referenced the stream with the buzzing, join the fun was a join the fun, normal sonic 1 was a drug dream, sonic 2 was a good palette swap and good luck was a tough one

Burst (Posted at 09:54:01 08-11-2016)
Ralakmius is creepy... D:

phi1997 (Posted at 01:44:45 08-11-2016)
These are almost all just sonic 1 or 2 just made really obnoxious to play.

Giova (Posted at 13:50:35 07-11-2016)
I can feel the memes. I want to join the fun.

HyperSonic16 (Posted at 12:19:47 07-11-2016)
The memes just don't die

VAdaPEGA (Posted at 12:10:42 07-11-2016)
the galery is a work of art

Ralakimus (Posted at 20:29:56 17-10-2016)
hi guys