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Sonic XE

By Team XE

Sonic XE is a hack made by newbie hackers who haven't done anything other than palette hacks. Around the end of development, it slowed down because life hit us hard.


-New palettes
-Music changes
-Sonic 2 Clone Driver
-Other minor ASM changes
-New zone name
-New layout
-Sprite changes
-Super Peelout, credit to Baraksha for helping

Things that will come later

-New Title logo
-New tile art
-Completely new zones

Extra Credits

Selbi - For Sonic Text Code Generator thing
MainMemory - For SonLVL
Stealth - For SonED2
Xenowhrl - For SonMapEd

Screenshots & Videos


Sonic XE (Team XE)
Filesize: 866.7kb
Click here to download


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Clownacy (Posted at 22:25:52 08-11-2016)
So... you tote my driver around as a feature of your hack, get its name wrong, and don't even credit me?

AbyssalLeopard (Posted at 21:29:43 07-11-2016)
Another hack that is a good start yet it needs more work to be put in. The level layouts look too much like the original ones. Including the edited one. Also, Sonic's running sprites are cut-off, careful with those things!