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Sonic 2 UMZ

By Trinitronity

Hello guys. Now came the time everyone was waiting for (not really). After TheInvisibleSun's Sonic UMZ comes the second installment by yours truly, Sonic 2 UMZ

*3 levels of UMZ goodness
*Some half of the S2 drums are now replaced with their S3K counterpart to make the songs more jamming
*new pallette that should bring a splash of freshness into the game
*enter the warp line to get a new fresh breath of air. No, it's not a bug, it's a feature!!! :V
*keep your rings after entering a special stage. You will need that!
*Challenge: can you get all 7 Chaos Emeralds in this build?

Special Thanks given to:
*MainMemory: SonLVL
*Ezrael: Bugfix on how to make Sonic retain his rings at a checkpoint only after exiting a special stage.

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Sonic 2 UMZ (Trinitronity)
Filesize: 737.2kb
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Ali Star (Posted at 00:07:15 11-11-2016)
I hate you lol