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Sonic: Scorched Quest (SHC'16 pre-final)

By Team Painto

Sonic: Scorched Quest formerly known as Sonic 1: Burned Edition is a hack by Team Painto, which shows one of Sonic's adventures after events of Sonic CD on South Island. It is a work in progress, so any criticism will help us. This version is the pre-final one, so the next release will be a (probably) finished product.

Mandatory storyline:
It is shown in the intro sequence as well as the game's cutscenes.

* 6 out of 7 planned playable zones: Burning Hill Zone (completed), Roasting Marble Zone (completed), Flame Yard Zone (2 acts), Boiling Labyrinth Zone (completed), Fire Light Zone (2 acts) and Molten Brain Zone (2 acts)
* Each zone consists of 3 acts and a boss act. Each act, except FYZ2, is finished with a mini-boss battle.
* S3&K-inspired cutscenes in some places for storyline purposes.
* 6 new Special Stages being a mix between Sonic 1 8-bit Bonus Stages and S2 ring collecting system, as well as other elements. Each stage, except the last one, has 3 sections.
* Level select menu unlocked after entering a cheat (enter Knuckles in Sonic 2 cheat while holding A) then A+Start. In level select, select a sound between 00 and 05, to play a specific Special Stage. The cheat won't work in final version.
* New soundtrack with songs made by LuigiXHero (many ports), Bakayote (original compositions including the title and intro theme) and me, Painto (I've made MBZ1 songs aswell as some unused (in this build) songs). They aren't perfect, but we tried our best to don't make your ears bleed :P
* Other features left to you to discover during gameplay.

Planned features:
Features which didn't made it to this version but will appear in the final:
* Obviously finishing the rest of levels
* Adding a special attack for Burning Sonic
* Save feature and main menu
* Time attack mode
* Sound Test menu
* possibly other minor features

These will fully appear in final release, rights to used tools and things belong to their official authors and weren't made by us.
Layouts: Painto, Abyssal Leopard (FLZ1&2; MBZ2), AsuharaMoon (FYZ2)
Bosses: Painto
Music: LuigiXHero, Bakayote, Painto
Additional art: Spriters Resource, AsuharaMoon, Abyssal Leopard
Additional coding: Painto, AsuharaMoon
Special thanks: ASH - final betatesting

Known issues:
* Sometimes, few objects or rings in Special Stages may disappear (sprite/object limit), but the stages are perfectly completable even when this happens. They will appear however if you go offscreen after collection some rings.
* Very very rarely, there may occur an error in Special Stage 5 after hitting a big spikeball, but it happens really rarely.
* MBZ1 background gets little messed when returning from checkpoint.

With that said, enjoy!

Dear players, in case of questions visit the website: - it should be open before the Contest Week start.

Dear walkthoughers, please, use forum or website links in your decriptions, don't provide direct links.

Screenshots & Videos


Sonic: Scorched Quest (SHC'16 pre-final) (Team Painto)
Filesize: 810.9kb
Click here to download


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SteamPoweredPixel (Posted at 20:48:45 13-11-2016)
Review of this hack

D.A. Garden (Posted at 10:00:37 13-11-2016)
Regardless, the hack has improved a lot and I'd like to thank you for such a great experience as I was playing it. If you worked out some of the kinks in the layouts in places, this would be beyond fantastic. Keep at it.

D.A. Garden (Posted at 09:59:20 13-11-2016)
Painto; just so you are aware, I got stuck in the wall above the ring gate in Special Stage 4 (I think. Might have been 3). There's a lone blue spring on a block against the wall and, upon hitting it, I was pushed into the wall on the right.

ElectricSparx (Posted at 07:02:59 13-11-2016)
This hack wins my vote for the Hidden Palace trophy for sure. Major improvement from last year, and really fun! I love the Special Stages, really cool nod to 8-bit Sonic 1. The bosses are amazing and clever, as well.

Ralakimus (Posted at 03:53:52 13-11-2016)
Love this hack! Very much improved from last year.

TheFieldWarrior (Posted at 16:12:16 12-11-2016)
This hack has improved significantly from last year, well done Painto and crew. Great level design, fun Special stages, cool cutscenes and awesome boss fights

Eduardo Knuckles (Posted at 10:29:11 12-11-2016)
This hack was incredibly improved. I don't see other that deserve the Hidden Palace more than this one. It suffered a vast improvement in comparison to the previous contest. I'm surprised at the same time I'm amazed. It was a big surprise! Wonderful job!

TheMrCrawler 1991 (Posted at 07:55:23 12-11-2016)
This was a improvement from Burned Edition good job on the hack, this time the caterkillers doesn't crash the game

SkyMan (Posted at 05:44:46 12-11-2016)
A large improvement over the last version Painto. Since you and the team have reduced the cheap moments, I find the level design much more enjoyable. There are a few minor bugs, but the hack is nevertheless fantastic!

Painto (Posted at 16:14:25 10-11-2016)
It totally wasn't written in the comments, no?

SteamPoweredPixel (Posted at 12:58:36 10-11-2016)
Hey Painto. Firstly, fantastic hack. Just came here to report a crash. It was the floaty special stage, I hit a spiky ball and it just went to an illegal instruction screen.

Painto (Posted at 18:21:11 09-11-2016)

PorridgeFan (Posted at 20:27:33 08-11-2016)
Both this and drrs plan b are both good hacks well done

Painto (Posted at 20:07:48 08-11-2016)
The Special Stage 5 object layout is randomly generated when playing.

Giova (Posted at 19:45:19 08-11-2016)
You really have made a great job, Painto.
I see you have recycled a few stuff from Robotnik's Plan B. Not a bad idea.
However, the 5th Special stage had some cheap parts, like bombs placed on rings.
I still liked the Special Stages though.

phi1997 (Posted at 17:27:13 08-11-2016)
Wow. This is amazing!

Animemaster (Posted at 14:54:42 08-11-2016)
Really great update Painto, I enjoyed the last version and I'm enjoying this one. You better win some trophies.

HyperSonic16 (Posted at 11:25:31 07-11-2016)
This is just beautiful Painto! Awesome job!

Painto (Posted at 21:11:04 17-10-2016)
Due to my overlook, the 5th Special Stage crashes on Regen when you get hurt :C Keep that in mind when playing. It's safe on Fusion tho.