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Urban Action: Royan Vacation '16

By Royameadow

Note: The following is a work that is still in development at the time of this contest, the contents of this release are from June 019 of 2016.
Any material presented in this work during the Contest Week of Sonic Hacking Contest XIV Online is potentially able to be subject or expected to change in future rereleases, this description is primarily only here for the sake of the contest and is also subject to change in said rerelease presentations to accommodate for any and/or all updates, please keep this in mind as you play the available work at hand.

"The Urban Life has become revitalized and restructured through the dreams and ambitions of our modern heroes."

Urban Action: Royan Vacation '16 (stylized in~game as アーバン アクション: Royan Vacation '16) is a 2016 Downloadable Texture Pack (DTP) for the Gamecube version of Sonic Adventure II: Multi~Dimensional (better known to most as Sonic Adventure II: Battle) for Dolphin created by the people who make up Royameadow and Co., with the original concept having been created by Royameadow: Generation II Privileged Variety Member Derek King, and lead development for it having been done by Roya Rockwood, the group's original creator and Top Head Administrator.
It is one of the first major attempts to create a complete overhaul of the entirety of the graphical approach for Sonic Adventure II, aiming to restructure the visual template to look dynamically different from its original counterpart, potentially making it feel as if it were to be a totally new adventure, even though there are no layout or script changes; this texture pack is also made to celebrate the Fifteenth Anniversary of Sonic Adventure II's original initial release on the Sega Dreamcast, June 019 of 2001, which was also part of the motivation for this pack's inception.


Royan Vacation '16 had originally started out as an idea by Derek King, one of Royameadow: Generation II's earliest members, Roya was feeling down in the dumps in September of 2015 and Derek had come to his aide at the time to cheer him up.
One of the things mentioned during his encouragement to Roya was the following sentence: "Perhaps you need to take a Royan Vacation.", little did he know that recommending this would lead into what is being viewed here; this pack also had influence by that of Tezuka101's Hi~Res Texture Pack on the Dolphin Emulator Forums from 2012, and it was used as the original template while working on this over time, it took some time to get used to during development, but it has only gotten better over time, thanks to its help in understanding how it all works.

The June 019 of 2016 Demo has modified textures for select menus and zones, no single menu or zone is fully modified at the time of the contest but enough has been done that it is presentable in some particular form.
A list of zones that have been graphically modified in some major form are listed below; select zones may also recycle textures from others, so some that have yet to be worked on might have some changes, have a look around if you would like to.

~ City Escape: First zone to be worked on. Most of the buildings, the ground, and a massive percentage of the promotional posters have been modified for this zone. Almost every vehicle still has yet to be changed, and most of the street signs still retain their original textures as well.
~ Mission Street: Worked on sometime after Radical Highway. Mission Street shared a good amount of City Escape and Radical Highway's textures, so what you get is a mixture of that for the roads and bridges, but you get a unique background and an advertisement in place of Miles/Tails' Wanted Poster that shows up on the projection screen. Select textures will show up in the fight against Bigfoot.
~ Radical Highway: Second zone to be worked on. Most of the buildings rock new designs to make it feel a bit between the 198X and 199X decade, you will even find a significant amount of advertisements and boxart for Master Deck, a Competitive Poker title that will be in the works by Roya and the team for the PC, Sega Saturn, and Hitachi Hi~Saturn. Bernie Sanders has taken over the blimps in town as well; will you be able to find all of them?
~ Meteor Herd: Third zone to be worked on, originally intended to be the last one for the demo. Although it is probably about 087 Percent complete, you can tell that parts of the towers, platforms, lava, and even the meteors themselves require some extra attention to deal with. Select textures that you view in this zone will show up in both Mad Space and Knux versus Rouge/Rouge versus Knux, as well as the cutscene that follows; please play this zone from the Trial Mode/Level Select to view every graphical change.
~ Final Rush/Final Chase: Earth is Black and Gold now, with the same starry grid that makes up the background of Mission Street, Radical Highway, and Meteor Herd, amazing how much that one texture file was shared among many zones. Final Chase is not even halfway done, but it's a good start, expect more from it in later releases; select cutscenes in Story Mode, as well as portions of Crazy Gadget, use a good amount of the new textures from Final Rush and Final Chase, utmost notable in the cutscene leading into Sonic versus Shadow/Shadow versus Sonic.

Similar to Roya Rockwood's Sonic Mega Collection, select Head and Co~Head Administrators take over for the menu icons for each character, spanning across Neo Generation 01 to Generation III.
They are listed below with which character they respectfully represent, followed by their title in the group and which affiliate(s) they run.

~ Emblem Icon: Roya Rockwood (ロヤ ロックウッド), the group's original creator and Top Head Administrator (1999), Head Administrator of Royameadow: Generation 01.
~ Sonic: Ashley Belair (アシュリー ベルエア), Royameadow and Co.'s Second in Command (2007), Co~Head Administrator of Royameadow: Neo Generation 01 and Top Head Administrator of Ashumeadow.
~ Miles/Tails: Amanda Belair (アマンダ ベルエア), part of Royameadow and Co.'s Fourth in Command Triumvirate (2008), Co~Head Administrator of Royameadow: Neo Generation 01 and the handler of the team's International affairs and foreign regional content.
~ Knuckles/Knux: Gabriel Paulino (ガブリエル ポール・イノ), Royameadow and Co.'s Third in Command (2008), Co~Head Administrator of Royameadow: Neo Generation 01 and Top Head Administrator of Gabimeadow.
~ Shadow: Kayla Lawson (ケーラ ローソン), Royameadow and Co.'s Twelfth in Command (2012), Co~Head Administrator of Royameadow: Generation III and the host of Kayla Lawson ~ KLLS.
~ Rouge: Luna Marie (ルナ マリー), Royameadow and Co.'s Fifth in Command (2010), Co~Head Administrator of Royameadow: Generation II and the provider of the primary channel's Closed Captioning.
~ Robotnik/Eggman: Troy Guscott (トロイ Guscott), Royameadow and Co.'s Eleventh in Command (2012), Co~Head Administrator of Royameadow: Generation III and the creator of SuperTNT '94.


This Texture Pack presumes that the player is a user of DualShock controllers when using Dolphin, all buttons have been listed below to assure that they are aware of how their controller setup is meant to be mapped.
The listing for these button mappings is presented in the below legend as "~ Gamecube Button: DualShock Button."; it must be assured that the controller settings are mapped in the way it be presented below to prevent any confusion in how the buttons presented in the menus were meant to function.

~ A: Cross.
~ B: Square.
~ X: Circle.
~ Y: Triangle.
~ Left Stick: L03 Pad.
~ C Stick: R03 Pad.
~ L: L02 Trigger.
~ R: R02 Trigger.
~ Z: R01 Button.

Installation Instructions

Please note that these instructions are assuming that you are resorting to the Dolphin Emulator folder in the My Documents or Documents folder of your C Drive for installing the pack.

~ After downloading the pack, extract it using WinRAR or any RAR file extractor that is compatible with this file.
~ Copy or cut the folder that was delivered with the RAR file, which is respectively known as "GSNE8P", and put it in C:\Users\(Username for your computer account)\Documents\Dolphin Emulator\Load\Textures.
GSNE8P is the official codename that is used for Sonic Adventure II: Battle (NTSC~U) in Dolphin and it is mandatory for this folder to be named as such, it also be imperative that none of the file and folder names are modified as well, or else the textures will not load as they were originally intended to; due to the fact that this texture pack was originally being worked on before the Revision 8000 and 9000 series of Dolphin version 04.02, you will possibly not be able to use this pack on many earlier builds, please resort to the utmost recent builds for optimal usage of this pack.
~ After the GSNE8P folder has been pasted into the Load\Textures subsection, boot up Dolphin and load a copy of Sonic Adventure II: Battle (NTSC~U).
~ Go into the Graphics Menu, customize the settings to the following presets, these are what were used for testing out this pack.
~ Aspect Ratio (found under the General tab): Stretch to Window.
~ Widescreen Hack (found under Enhancements): Enabled.
~ Load Custom Textures (found in the Utility subsection of the Advanced tab): Enabled.
~ Prefetch Custom Textures (found in the Utility subsection of the Advanced tab): Enabled.
~ Free Look (found in the same area as Load Custom Textures): Enabled, it is recommended to have this enabled if for exploratory usage in the zones, especially if you want to get some nice screenshots at dynamic angles for showing off.

Requirements to load specific in~game textures and for extra satisfaction:

In order to function specific textures for this texture pack, you will need both a MAX Percent Save File, as well as some of the Action Replay MAX codes that are provided in this pack's RAR file.
The Enhanced Armour for the 02 Player Versus Mode, which in turn was from Phantasy Star Online: Episode II, is in play here and it is best to have these codes enabled to view Sonic, Shadow, Rouge, and Knux's new armour designs in the later and final builds (Rouge's custom armour is not in the build presented at this contest; it will be available in future releases).
Simply copy and paste the codes listed within the GSNE8P.ini file found in this pack via Notepad or whichever application you use, place it into the Dolphin Emulator\GameSettings folder, enable the respective codes required and it will work as intended; a list of the codes used during testing are listed below and are mandatory for this pack, please note that you will not be needing the Master Code for Action Replay codes in Dolphin, it was kept in for testing purposes.

~ Costume Enabler (Encrypted): Necessary for some earlier versions of Dolphin, this is to enable the usage of the PSO: Ep. II Armours in Single Player for both Story and Trial Mode.
~ Use Sonic's Costume: Enables Sonic's PSO: Ep. II Armour.
~ Use Knux's Costume (Requires Fix) and Knux Costume Fix (No Upgrades): Enables Knux's PSO: Ep. II Armour, you must have both codes enabled for this to work.
~ Use Shadow's Costume: Enables Shadow's PSO: Ep. II Armour.
~ Use Rouge's Costume: Enables Rouge's PSO: Ep. II Armour. It has not been modified in the June 019 Demo, as stated above.

The following codes are optional for using during gameplay, but it makes the experience a bit more fun, as well as exploratory and good for video edits.

~ Moon Jump!: Enables the Moon Jump for all characters. Hold the Z (R01) Button and then hold down A (Cross) during a jump to use it.
~ Turbo Speed: Enables the ability to lock a character at Maximum Speed. Hold the Z (R01) Button and then hold down Y (Triangle) anywhere to use it.
~ Character Lock: Joker Mode: This allows for the player to select the character that they want to before beginning a level. Before the Loading Screen/Level Card shows up, hold down on the following relevant corresponding Directional Pad button to use the respective character: Left for Sonic, Down for Knux, Right for Shadow, and Up for Rouge.
~ Mute the Music: Completely shuts off the music for all cutscenes and zones. Feel more than free to mute the music to add in custom music to go with the new artwork or if you are making video footage of this pack, the original OST simply does not fit all too well with some of the redesigns, so play some Vaporwave, Retrowave, original compositions, or something similar for easier enjoyment.


~ Roya Rockwood: Project Creator, Lead Developer, Texture Editor, Japanese Translator, Art Developer, Performance and Quality Tester, Online Promoter.
~ Derek King: Original Creator of Concept.
~ Gabriel Paulino: Quality Analysis and Prototype Build Feedback for the prototype builds.
~ Christopher Nevers: Quality Analysis and Prototype Build Feedback for the prototype builds.
~ Kelsey Beesly (Kelsey Bee): Quality Analysis and Prototype Build Feedback for the prototype builds.

More will be added to this list upon the release of future builds.

Screenshots & Videos


Urban Action: Royan Vacation '16 (Royameadow)
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