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Sonic 1 NAC Tiny Verison

By Joshwoakes

Hack Introduction:
Sonic 1 NAC Tiny Version (Tiny as in short version) is a simple but advanced sonic 1 hack that has different events and concepts with in each level. Therefore making each level different and unique to the standard level edits that you find in must hacks, especially some of mine.

Hack Story line:
One day sonic decided to take a break from his friends and the stress that he has been going through, and went back to south island. however when sonic had arrived at south island he noticed something was different, everything seem to have changed colour and seemed to be a lot darker then it use to be, And so he decided to explore. After spending 10 minutes exploring the changes; sonic noticed the that the badniks that he destroyed before had reappeared in green hill zone. Then sonic realized that robotnik was back to no good once again and goes to save south island once again.

Level Information:
You may notice that all of the main levels have a wall that seems to be unbreakable at the end of the level, this is because your required to find and hit an "S" monitor in order for that wall to become breakable and before your able to finish the level. Act 2 of the main green hill zone will start off normal but then you will given a platforming challenge. Act 3 of the main green hill zone is a auto running level inspired by sunset park act 3 from sonic triple trouble, where you have no control over sonic's speed or direction he is running in, all you can do is make sonic jump.

Changes this hack has:
> Changed some of the music
> Edited title cards
> Edited level layouts
> Edited GHZ background
> Edited GHZ Palette
> Added level events (Only in main levels GHZ 2 & 3)
> Replaced signpost with big ring to end the act within the main levels (however the signpost is still used in unlockable bonus levels)
> Edited boss in main level GHZ3
> Added MegaPCM

Other Information:
Accessing the level Select: you will notice that nothing happens if you try to do the normal sonic 1 cheat code for the level select, This is because your required to beat the game to unlock the level select but however since this hack doesn't have a save feature you will have to wait until the end credits have finished before being able to return to the title screen to access the level select.

After beating the game: after you have successfully beat the game and unlocked the level select; you will notice that if you choose to replay a level, the game will automatically go back to the title screen instead of showing a results screen. You will also notice that your no longer required to hit an "S" monitor in order to complete the level you have chosen to replay.

The Extra\bonus Levels: When on the level select screen, you will notice 2 extra levels that you didn't play when playing through the main game. These 2 levels are bonus levels or extras, they are levels that are based on the platforming challenge you had in the main GHZ2 and the auto running that you had in the main GHZ3. You will also notice that these levels end with a signpost as per usual in classic sonic games.

Tools Used:
SonLVL (Level and palette editing)
Notepad++ (Main ASM Coding)

Beta Tester: Sarah Mckinney (KosmoF)

Screenshots & Videos


Sonic 1 NAC Tiny Verison (Joshwoakes)
Filesize: 291.6kb
Click here to download


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L3DZ (Posted at 20:24:01 13-11-2016)
i have the worst time playing this
sonic is not for jumping platafrom to another
is for running.
go do mario hacks for god sakes

JoenickROS (Posted at 23:31:01 12-11-2016)
Next time actually do something else after learning how to import art don't just leave it like it was on the guide on SSRG, too many people did that this year and it just looks plain bad. Which also makes it hard to distinguish the fg from the bg.

SkyMan (Posted at 05:26:41 12-11-2016)
The updated palette is quite distracting, as it's hard to distinguish between foreground and background elements. The boss is also unfair. Other than that, the hack has promise. The level gimmicks have a lot of potential. Just keep trying.

Ali Star (Posted at 00:06:42 11-11-2016)
This hack started great but for some reason decided to make it from easy to dickish. The high up platforming was a put off but the absolute worst was the boss

Misinko (Posted at 14:53:45 09-11-2016)
Absolute shit hack. The only good parts of the level design are the stock Sonic 1 sections. Everything new is terrible, especially the vertical platforming section. Boss is also terribly designed. For the love of Pete Josh, actually try with your hacks.

AbyssalLeopard (Posted at 20:53:32 07-11-2016)
Level design is great, actually. Much better than your older work! The background doesn't seem very inspired though...