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Ivysaur in Sonic 2

By Pacguy

This is a little sprite swap hack, with a slightly modded move set. The Spindash now resembles a super peel out, you can't manually roll (as I couldn't find good rolling sprites), and jumps appear more marioesque. Due to the lack of letters, the end title cards look odd, but other wise, it's pretty standard. Also, some objects have been removed, since Ivysaurs jump couldn't break them (HTZ rocks, CPZ pipe blocks, HTZ breakable floors).

All credit for the main Ivysaur sprites goes to Joshr, someone who was generous enough to make these sprites and release them here:\_edited/pokemoncustoms/sheet/26799/

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Ivysaur in Sonic 2 (Pacguy)
Filesize: 1,057.5kb
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Pacguy (Posted at 15:28:49 09-11-2016)
The sprites aren't mine, read the description :I

Ali Star (Posted at 03:12:08 09-11-2016)
Its a basic character swap, really needs work but nice sprite quality

TargetToad (Posted at 15:35:48 07-11-2016)
If you were to continue this hack for shc 2017, please add another pokemon (grass starter baby form, like treecko) to take the spot of tails, and maybe charizard or mewtwo to replace robotnik.

Pacguy (Posted at 01:06:06 22-09-2016)
This is just a little side project I made for fun, I figured I may as well release it here.