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Beta Windy Valley (Sonic Lost World)

By SonicOtakuSNG

You've all played Windy Valley in Sonic Adventure. Some of you may have played the Beta Restoration from CorvidDude, or perhaps the port featured in Sonic Adventure Generations. Well, now Lost World gets a taste of the good ol' Beta. This is a Beta Windy Valley Level Mod for Sonic Lost World!

DISCLAIMER: I do not claim ownership of the level model. The model was restored by CorvidDude and they have since released it for public use. I have ported it to Lost World and crafted a new way to experience the BETA level.

You read that disclaimer right. This isn't just any old port of the level. I've reworked the enemy/item placement and added new pathways, secrets and [most notably] some dynamic camera angles to enhance the players experience and make the level work better with Lost World in general.

Known bugs and issues:
Collision can get wonky due to the model not being designed for Lost World (parkour won't always work in your favor here).
Sonic may get stuck in some cracks, but it's nothing to worry about.

Developer notes:
1.The level replaces Windy Hill Zone 1
2. Windy Hill Zone 2 contains a WIP hardmode, thus it can be ignored.
3.if you die in the tornado section, to avoid climbing all the way up again (for sake of convenience), walk off the ledge north of the checkpoint at the bottom of the section.

Hope you enjoy my entry. This is my first level mod ever of... well... anything, so feedback is greatly appreciated! :D

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Beta Windy Valley (Sonic Lost World) (SonicOtakuSNG)
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SonicOtakuSNG (Posted at 12:10:20 07-11-2016)
Just an fyi, Windy Hill 2 doesn't contain a
"hardmode" anymore lol