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Roya Rockwood's Sonic Mega Collection

By Royameadow

"The world of the original Sonic Mega Collection, Royanized!"

Roya Rockwood's Sonic Mega Collection (ロヤ ロックウッド の ソニック メガ コレクション in Japan) is a 2016 Downloadable Texture Pack (DTP) for the original Gamecube version of Sonic Mega Collection for Dolphin created by the people who make up Royameadow and Co., with lead development for it having been done by Roya Rockwood, the group's original creator and Top Head Administrator.
It is the first Texture Pack for Sonic Mega Collection to have ever been created and publicly released since emulation for the Compilation title had become available, and presents the capabilities of what can and cannot be modified in the original game's textures as a whole, delivering a virtually overhauled theme for the player to view while going through the menus to play the games and video promotions, read the comics or view the illustrations, and most of all, have a more HD Friendly visual experience while playing the game on a High Resolution Widescreen monitor.


Roya Rockwood's Sonic Mega Collection had started development on March 017 of 2016, being made in conjunction with the Saint Patrick's Day/Evacuation Day festivities, as well as the broadcasting of the Opening Days of NCAA March Madness 2016 on select networks, which had made the work on this project rather quick thanks to the impact brought by the energy and influence of the events at the time.
Because Sonic Mega Collection is very User Friendly in the way that editing the textures happens to be handled, the original build of this pack had only taken a full week (up to March 024, at the latest) to complete and have polished up; the build that you are playing in this contest is a prototype build of Revision 01, which changes the wallpapers for the menus and select other screens, as well as fixes a manual for easier viewing when using Dolphin's Widescreen Hack feature, more will be done in future builds.

The theme of this Texture Pack is Royameadow '16, of which happens to be the incarnation of Royameadow and Co. that was made to promote the team during the full 2016 season; each menu screen delivers to the player some of the Co~Head Administrators of the group, while the Menu Box presents all 013 modern Heads and Co~Heads plus two High Notables of the team, spanning from October 02 of 1999 to Present~Time.
A list of the top commanders who represent each respective menu is listed below this sentence.

Revision 00:

~ Game Select Menu: Ashley Belair (アシュリー ベルエア), Royameadow and Co.'s Second in Command (2007), Co~Head Administrator of Royameadow: Neo Generation 01 and Top Head Administrator of Ashumeadow.
~ Instruction Manual Menu: Troy Guscott (トロイ Guscott), Royameadow and Co.'s Eleventh in Command (2012), Co~Head Administrator of Royameadow: Generation III and the creator of SuperTNT '94.
~ Options Menu: Luna Marie (ルナ マリー), Royameadow and Co.'s Fifth in Command (2010), Co~Head Administrator of Royameadow: Generation II and the provider of the primary channel's Closed Captioning.
~ Extras Menu: Terry Sidney II (テリー シドニー II), Privileged Variety Member of Royameadow: Generation II (2009). He is one of the team's utmost notable in both Comedy and the Arts, and since 2011, often considered the official mascot of Royameadow: Neo Generation II.

Additions that are exclusive to Revision 01:

~ Game Select Menu: Roya Rockwood (ロヤ ロックウッド), the group's original creator and Top Head Administrator (1999), Head Administrator of Royameadow: Generation 01.
~ Instruction Manual Menu: Troy Guscott (in Emerald Green) and Terry Sidney II (in Phoenix Suns Purple); check above for their titles in the team.
~ Options Menu: Kelsey Evans (ケルシー ・エヴァンス), Royameadow and Co.'s Sixth in Command (2010), Co~Head Administrator of Royameadow: Generation II and the host of Kelsey Evans: KSEV.
~ Extras Menu: Doug Young II (ダグ ・ヤング II), part of Royameadow and Co.'s Fourth in Command Triumvirate (2009), Head Administrator of Royameadow: Generation II and the creator of Various Variety, a franchise for his own Variety based content, better known as of 2015 as DougRiss.


This Texture Pack also assumes that the player is a user of DualShock controllers when using Dolphin, all buttons have been listed below to assure that they are aware of how their controller setup is meant to be mapped.
The listing for these button mappings is presented in the below legend as "~ Gamecube Button: DualShock Button."; it must be assured that the controller settings are mapped in the way it be presented below to prevent any confusion in how the buttons presented in the menus were meant to function.

~ A: Cross.
~ B: Square.
~ X: Circle.
~ Y: Triangle.
~ Left Stick: L03 Pad.
~ C Stick: R03 Pad.
~ L: L02 Trigger.
~ R: R02 Trigger.
~ Z: R01 Button.

Installation Instructions

Please note that these instructions are assuming that you are resorting to the Dolphin Emulator folder in the My Documents or Documents folder of your C Drive for installing the pack.

~ After downloading the pack, extract it using WinRAR or any RAR file extractor that is compatible with this file.
~ Copy or cut the folder that is found in the "Revision 00" or "Revision 01" folder, which is respectively known as "GSOE8P", and put it in C:\Users\(Username for your computer account)\Documents\Dolphin Emulator\Load\Textures.
GSOE8P is the official codename that is used for Sonic Mega Collection (NTSC~U) in Dolphin and it is mandatory for this folder to be named as such, it also be imperative that none of the file and folder names are modified as well, or else the textures will not load as they were originally intended to.
~ After the GSOE8P folder has been pasted into the Load\Textures subsection, boot up Dolphin and load a copy of Sonic Mega Collection (NTSC~U).
~ Go into the Graphics Menu, customize the settings to the following presets, these are what were used for testing out this pack.
~ Aspect Ratio (found under the General tab): Stretch to Window.
~ Widescreen Hack (found under Enhancements): Enabled.
~ Load Custom Textures (found in the Utility subsection of the Advanced Tab): Enabled.
~ Free Look (found in the same area as Load Custom Textures): Enabled. It is recommended to have this enabled if for exploratory usage in the menus.

Bonus Material

As an addition to Revision 01's changes in the build presented here at Sonic Hacking Contest XIV Online, the official boxart, select wallpapers, and even remixes of the OST are available in the sections respectively labelled "Promotional Media" and "Bonus Material".
The remixes sadly cannot be implemented into the game itself, but at least you have about ten minutes and change of listening enjoyment, these tracks are played best on Stereo Speakers that are 04 inches in height.


~ Roya Rockwood: Project Creator, Lead Developer, Texture Editor, Japanese Translator, Art Developer, Performance and Quality Tester, Online Promoter.
~ Javier Degirolmo (SiktheHedgehog): Creation of the Project MD (2011) wallpaper that is used for the Title Screen.
~ Marc Gordon (Hapisan/Cinossu): Footage of Never Stop Running and Red Sphere that is used in the Sonic the Hedgehog and Blue Sphere Game Preview.
~ Team Megamix: Footage of Sonic the Hedgehog Megamix (2011) that is used in the Sonic the Hedgehog Game Preview.
~ Pacguy: Footage of Bubsy the Bobcat in Sonic the Hedgehog 02 used in the Sonic the Hedgehog 02 Game Preview.
~ Esrael Neto: Footage of Sonic 02 Delta that is used in the Sonic the Hedgehog 02 and Knuckles the Echidna in Sonic the Hedgehog 02 Game Preview.
~ D.A. Garden: Footage of Sonic the Hedgehog 03: D.A. Garden Edition used in the Sonic the Hedgehog 03 Game Preview.
~ Dustin Wyatt (SonicTweaker): Footage of Sonic 03K Megamix used in the Sonic the Hedgehog 03 and Sonic & Knuckles Game Preview.
~ Tiddles and Co.: Footage of Sonic the Hedgehog 03 Complete Collection used in the Blue Sphere Game Preview.
~ VegaLTE: Footage of Master Edition II that is used in the Sonic the Hedgehog 03 & Knuckles Game Preview.
~ Utopia UK: Footage of Resort Island that is used in the Sonic the Hedgehog 03 & Knuckles Game Preview.
~ Sonic~Cult: Sonic Spinball Prototype Footage used in the Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball Game Preview.
~ Retro Extreme: Art that is used in the Doctor Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine Game Preview.

Screenshots & Videos


Roya Rockwood's Sonic Mega Collection (Royameadow)
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D.A. Garden (Posted at 10:01:51 13-11-2016)
I honestly don't see the reason or purpose to submitting a texture hack of a menu to this contest. I don't understand it at all. Sorry.

jubbalub (Posted at 06:20:49 12-11-2016)
It's literally a texture pack

MindReader (Posted at 02:13:47 12-11-2016)
I'll give you one thing; that remix of the Extras Menu sounds pretty good, but otherwise this hack just seems really pointless to me, since it adds no new functionality to Mega Collection.

Ozaleto (Posted at 02:07:01 12-11-2016)
I'm sorry, but this is something really forgettable.

Bakayote (Posted at 05:59:51 08-11-2016)
Considering this is just a texture swap of a menu and most of the Japanese isn't even used correctly, I'm giving this entry the big trophy.

Unlimited Trees (Posted at 05:04:51 08-11-2016)
Even the captions of the screenshots are long, how do you even do that.

Painto (Posted at 21:15:49 07-11-2016)

TheStoneBanana (Posted at 20:43:36 07-11-2016)
The clear winner here.

Eduardo Knuckles (Posted at 20:15:32 07-11-2016)
Seriously... I thought it had at least one game to play on it. It's interesting, but I'm disappointed.

jubbalub (Posted at 13:10:53 07-11-2016)