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Sonic 1 Back to South Island

By HyperSonic16

This is my first ever Rom Hack, So I hope you all enjoy! This hack includes new audio, new stage/special stage layouts, new sprites, SPINDASH!!!!!(of course a spindash XD), New level art, and a bunch of badniks(Thanks Robuttnik!) You all are probably expecting a story, so here it is, nice and sweet:

Its the Christmas season, and everyone is doing their thing. Tails and knuckles go off to celebrate Christmas on Angel Island. While this happens, Sonic decides to go back to South Island (hence the name of the hack), to celebrate and check up on the flickys. Eggman, strangely had a similar idea, but he plans to robotize the flickys, and rebuild his base. When Sonic arrives, he finds a bunch of badniks, and he immediately knows that Eggman is there. So sonic, being the hero he is, he travels out to stop eggmans plans.

Frost Hill: Diamond Dust zone act 1; Sonic 3D Blast (Saturn)
Frozen Marble: Rusty Ruin zone act 1; Sonic 3D Blast (genesis)
Spring City: Planet Automation; Ristar
Lost Labyrinth: Labyrinth Zone (original)
Star Dust: StarLight Zone (original)
Mettalic Utopia: Panic Puppet zone act 1; Sonic 3D Blast (genesis)
Final: Theme of Kasier; Ristar
Invincibility: Special Stage; Sonic 3D Blast (genesis)
Special Stage: Egg Rocket Zone; Sonic Advance
Credits: Sonic 3D blast credits (genesis)

I would like to thank everyone for helping me get this far with my rom hack :) It was fun to make!

Screenshots & Videos


Sonic 1 Back to South Island (HyperSonic16)
Filesize: 392.3kb
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JoenickROS (Posted at 23:34:01 12-11-2016)
Next time actually do something else after learning how to import bg art don't just leave it like it was on the guide on SSRG, too many people did that this year and it just looks plain bad. Which also makes it hard to distinguish the fg from the bg.

Ali Star (Posted at 00:01:13 11-11-2016)
This is a great concept and would love to see the final product

AbyssalLeopard (Posted at 21:25:46 07-11-2016)
A good start. I liked some stuff, like the fact that the layout edits don't look too ugly (at least you got the chunks right) and palettes are alright. I see you added the Penguin too, nice! The levels look too much like the original ones though...

HyperSonic16 (Posted at 11:28:54 07-11-2016)
Before I uploaded the rom, I overlooked the Sprite where sonic gets air, so it's not the same Sprite as in the snapshot.