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Sonic Chaos Quest v2.0

By Narcologer

Sonic Chaos Quest v2.0 is a modification of Sonic the Hedgehog.
- 4 playable characters with unique moves:
Sonic (Spin Dash, Super Peel Out)
Mighty (Double Jump)
Metal Sonic (Spin Dash, doesn't drown underwater)
Tikal (Spin- and Peel Boost)
- 6 overhauled zones, with emphasis on custom chunks and art editing
- Some new bosses
- A lot of new badniks
- And much more!

Exploring Mobius seas Eggman found the Chaos Island. It has giant lake, on bottom of which the sunken ruins of Chaos Shrine which contain the inexhaustible power of Chaos are lying. In order to increase the power of his mechanisms Eggman built the Hydrostation on this lake and plans to conquer the world with the power which he got.
Residents of the island asked Sonic for help, so he teamed up with Mighty, Tikal and Metal Sonic to start their Chaos Quest to stop Eggman's evil plans once again!

Programming: Narcologer, Vladikcomper, TheBlad
New level art: Narcologer, Shooter
New chunks and layouts: Narcologer
Sprites: Narcologer, The Spriters Resource, SCAA, Lone Devil
Music: Ivan YO, EgorTC, Nineko, TheBlad

Screenshots & Videos


Sonic Chaos Quest v2.0 (Narcologer)
Filesize: 603.7kb
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JoenickROS (Posted at 23:24:31 12-11-2016)
Might want to consider having more custom slopes in your custom levels, they are kind of flat.

AbyssalLeopard (Posted at 17:38:18 11-11-2016)
Nevermind then man. Hope this hack gets some attention, you're doing decent progress.

Ali Star (Posted at 00:10:24 11-11-2016)
Love the level layout, the character selection, the bosses this is the best one yet, good effort :D

Narcologer (Posted at 12:43:48 10-11-2016)
It's just a coincidence because I couldn't find best option in graveyard drawing than crypt near the wood.

AbyssalLeopard (Posted at 20:54:05 09-11-2016)
No offense, but Necropolis looks too much like Creepy Crypt from Mobius Evolution...