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Sonic Lost World - Green Grove Zone

By Knuxfan24

This is my attempt at throwing my hat into the ring for the SHC, with an old Sonic Lost World Level Mod. I initially created this as a way to try and be that bit more familiar with the way Sonic Lost World works, and seeing as I had my port of this zone to Left 4 Dead 2 laying around I decided to put it to use and hack job it into SLW.
This submission only contains one stage (placed over Windy Hill Zone 1) and has a few different music tracks (with the Super Sonic music being ripped directly from After The Sequel), the only reason I'm submitting this is due to the fact that some people seemed to like this release, so I'm wondering if it's still considered good by people who actually know what they're doing.

This is built for use with Radfordhound's SLW Mod Loader, so I'd recommend using that (is there even any other mod loaders for Lost World?)

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Sonic Lost World - Green Grove Zone (Knuxfan24)
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