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Sonic: Virtual Adventure (SHC 2016 Demo)

By Ladego Team

It is not the final version of hack, there can be bugs!

Escape from reality...
Welcome to the Sonic Virtual Adventure page!

Once again, Eggman plans to conquer the Mobius and rule the entire planet.
To fulfill his evil scheme, the villain has created his most dangerous invention yet, the Egg-Virtualizer.
With the help of his evil machine, Eggman attempts to virtualize the Mobius and become its only powerful ruler.
He uses the Chaos Emeralds to power the machine, but things went not as he planned.
Shortly after its activation, the machine broke, dispersing the emeralds' shreds all over the virtualized Mobius.
Help Sonic to collect all the emeralds once again to destroy the machine and restore the planet!


Hack Idea:
Ladego Team

- EgorTF
- TheBlad768
- SHooTeR
- VladislavSavvateev
- VladikComper

Music Compositing:
- EgorTF
- Ivan YO

SMPS Porting:
- EgorTF

Level Creating:
- Dr.Robotnik

- SHooTeR
- Mr.Cat
- EgorTF

- TheBlad768

Beta Testing:
- Razor
- Vladikcomper
- Abyssal Leopard

Special Thanks:
- Abyssal Leopard
- Solareyn

Screenshots & Videos


Sonic: Virtual Adventure (SHC 2016 Demo) (Ladego Team)
Filesize: 603.6kb
Click here to download


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Painto (Posted at 08:50:36 12-11-2016)

Egor The Cat (Posted at 14:26:00 08-11-2016)
This hack is made in 1.5 month

Painto (Posted at 13:33:21 08-11-2016)
I like how's it going, but it's sad that is just only GHZ/UIZ. Anyway, great work.