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SADX Character Select Mod

By MainMemory & SonicFreak94

Note: In order to use this mod, you must have the SADX Mod Loader ( and the Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 redist, and Steam version users will need BetterSADX (

The SADX Character Select Mod is a mod of Sonic Adventure DX that allows you to play as any character in any other character's levels by holding buttons on the controller during level loading.

* Left: Sonic
* R: Tails
* Down: Knuckles
* Right: Amy
* L: E-102 Gamma
* Up: Big
* B: Metal Sonic
* X: Eggman
* Y: Tikal

You can also choose which character will appear alongside you in Sonic's levels and which character you race in Tails' levels by editing values in mod.ini.

During a level, players can hold the Z button (use the mod manager's config editor or the SADX Input Mod to set it up) with one of the above buttons to change or spawn a character. Players other than P1 or an AI-controlled P2 can quit the level by pressing Z+Start, and players can teleport to another player's location by holding the C button and pressing Up, Down, Left, or Right. Player 1 can also press the D button to directly control player 2.

A spreadsheet listing which characters can complete which levels can be found here:
Note that mid-level character switching can be used to bypass some obstacles that would otherwise be unpassable, and the sheet does not account for Eggman and Tikal's ability to enter free movement mode by pressing the X button.

This mod is open source, the source code can be found on GitHub:

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SADX Character Select Mod (MainMemory & SonicFreak94)
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redhotsonic (Posted at 14:01:48 13-11-2016)
I had a lot of fun on this.

Bradleyangle129 (Posted at 03:00:18 11-11-2016)
Eggman has summoned the power of Jesus!