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Knuckles' Emerald Hunt

By MainMemory

The hack that won second place last year returns... for the last time.

If you don't know what the hack is about, check out the Sonic Retro wiki page:

New Things:
* Redesigned level select.
* Redesigned score tally.
* Tikal added as a playable character.
* Competition mode enabled, get three out of five emeralds before your opponent. Each player gets one radar box that detects the emerald closest to them, and the difficulty setting does affect it.
* More music choices.
* Wait, what's that in sound FA?

Note to streamers: remember you can use the Sonic 2 level select code (sounds 19, 65, 09, 17 in sound test) to show unlockable levels, and please use the Music Switch to show off music that isn't just the default settings.

For anyone who wishes to play this hack in netplay, use this ROM that doesn't use SRAM:
The regular ROM will function in systems without SRAM support, so it's not necessary there.

Screenshots & Videos


Knuckles' Emerald Hunt (MainMemory)
Filesize: 1,002.8kb
Click here to download


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L3DZ (Posted at 20:15:11 13-11-2016)
amazing update and tikal's sprites

FloatingSeal (Posted at 20:32:52 12-11-2016)
Knuckles' Emerald Hunt? More like Tikal's Sandwich Quest am I rite?
But seriously, this hack has excellent presentation, more music than you shake a stick at, and
gameplay that's pretty fair and decent. Pinball Party's menu and Gigapolis are the best.

TheMrCrawler 1991 (Posted at 07:52:31 12-11-2016)
Knuckles Sandwich Hunt was the best rom hack

SkyMan (Posted at 06:54:35 12-11-2016)
Great hack! All the tweaks and improvements you have made has really made it a great emerald hunting game that isn't as frustration inducing as the adventure games.

Campbellsonic (Posted at 01:05:39 10-11-2016)
Awesome hack, I've always loved the Treasure Hunting levels.

But why is Labyrinth Zone actually Scrap Brain Zone. y u lie

Ali Star (Posted at 03:13:02 09-11-2016)
Much better entry then last years, I avnt gotten to the sandwich bit but I will get to it

Sketch64 (Posted at 17:04:17 08-11-2016)
Are you going to add in Sonic 3 Zones?

Sketch64 (Posted at 16:42:01 08-11-2016)
This is really one of the best hacks here. Good work! All I could do is a simple sprite edit.

KosmoF (Posted at 01:19:00 08-11-2016)
I'm still loving this hack, particularily Tikal's inclusion.

KosmoF (Posted at 01:18:29 08-11-2016)
I'm still loving this hack, particularily Tikal's inclusion.