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Apotos Unleashed Pack

By tuanpingas

(This is an entry from a trial member, but has permission granted from one of official judges, SSF1991)

================================Apotos Unleashed Pack=================================

Apotos Unleashed Pack is a separate iteration of Apotos Adventure Pack Revamp mod for Sonic Generations, featuring
Unleashed Style Gameplay, with permissions from the original author.

Extract the archive to your Sonic Generations folder, then open SonicGMI and tick "Apotos Unleashed Pack".
Make sure it is in the highest priority if you want to play with other mods.


Sulky Kookie: Main Developer & Leader, original author

Mario Tainaka: Helper & New pot sounds\\_5ccthQ

TuanPINGAS (a.k.a DeNoobGaming): Unleashed Object placements, minor camera tunes & unused objects removal

N69vid: New Unleashed physics, StageMusic idea, trickringgone, Giant Hammer textures from Sonic Unleashed & JumpSelector

xan1242: QuickBoot Script, very useful for enabling quick step sound effect without having to switch to Classic Sonic

Arcieo: Credit table in HUB

StarwarsSonic90: a little help, but very useful

Dario ff: The father of SG modding. Creator of SonicGlvl & HKX Converter. Without these tools, this mod is impossible:

And SEGA & Sonic Team for creating the two nice Sonic games to play.

Q. What's inside Apotos Unleashed Pack?
A. Windmill Isle Act 1
Windmill Isle Act 1-2
Windmill Isle Act 2-2
Windmill Isle Act 3
Windmill Isle Act 4
Full 3D Day HUB World.
Optional "Sonic Unleashed" Physics.

Q. Why do I sometimes encounter Endless Loading?
A. Endless Loading is caused by CPKRedir. Restart the game.

Q. Why did you change objects to Unleashed equivalents? They are broken and slowed down the gameplay.
A. Because we want. SG layout and objects really brakes the purposes of the stages' design. Still, you can play Apotos Adventure Pack Revamp, or wait for Unleashed Project 2.0 if you don't like.

Q. Is there anyway to play the vanilla physics?
A. Yes, you can. Delete and #Sonic.arl that come with the mod, then open bb3.ini and remove "" and "#Sonic.arl" lines. You now can play with vanilla physics normally.

Q. Hey! You stole Unleashed Project and Apotos Revamp. You need to die!
A. As I said, this mod is an alternative iteration of Apotos Adventure Pack Revamp, which released 1 year ago, and has no obvious affiliations to Unleashed Project. You can contact Sulky Kookie for more information, seriously.

Q. Why is there no Act 2?
A. Act 2 was included in earlier versions, but it was rather buggy, so we removed it.

Q. Why do I often crash while playing Act 2-2?
A. This is a serious problem that we don't know exactly why. However it only happens to a small amount of random people, mostly don't suffer this.
The best we can advise you to avoid this problem if you encounter is to turn off as much background apps as possible.
Don't start over the stage too much, and try to go to the right route when you encounter the fork road.
Also, Windows 10 is not really recommended, since the OS doesn't support the base game well.

---------------------------------HAVE FUN!---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Screenshots & Videos


Apotos Unleashed Pack (tuanpingas)
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