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Metal Sonic Lost World

By Joe T.E.

Last year, I submitted a mod that lets you play as Metal Sonic in Sonic Generations. This year, I'm doing the same thing, but for Sonic Lost World!

Unlike the Generations mod from last year, this mod does not alter the gameplay in any way, nor does it feature any "proper" changes to sound effects or voices (though it does feature a few music swaps.) The lack of gameplay changes is because the game's physics are hard-coded (unlike in Generations, where most of the physics could be altered through some .xml files.) The lack of sound and voice changes is because the tools for editing the game's .hca sound files were released quite late into the mod's development (I didn't have enough time to include them in this Hacking Contest Build. I intend to update the mod with voice/sound edits in December, after the Hacking Contest is over.)

Now that I've gone over what I wasn't able to "bring back" from last year's Generations mod, the things I did bring back have been made a lot better. For starters, Metal Sonic's model has been given a significant overhaul.
Last year, I modified Metal Sonic's proportions to match Sonic's so that I'd only need to edit a small portion of Sonic's animations. This made Metal Sonic look a bit odd, and prone to quite a bit of clipping and weird deformations during some of the un-altered animations. This time, I've instead modified all of Sonic's animations to work with Metal Sonic's proper proportions (in addition to giving Metal Sonic a few of his own unique animations, like before.) I've also greatly improved the quality of Metal Sonic's model (through a combination of higher-resolution textures, newly made normal maps, an overall higher polygon count in the actual model, and good use of Lost World's new shader styles.)

Once again, Metal Sonic is able to transform into Neo Metal Sonic (from Sonic Heroes) as a "Super" form after obtaining all 140 Red Star Rings. Like regular Metal Sonic, Neo Metal Sonic has been given a full set of fixed/altered animations and a high quality model with proper proportions. Other notable model edits include the Final Boss mech (which has been recolored, and is now piloted by Eggman Nega,) and the Tornado Plane (which is now Metal Sonic's plane from Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, with Metal Sonic himself now piloting it.)

By far, the most noticeable difference compared to last year's mod is that it's not just for PC. This mod is also useable in the original Wii U version of Sonic Lost World. The Wii U version of the mod features appropriate changes to the console game's unique features (including the minigames, multiplayer modes, and the Nintendo-themed DLC levels.) However, Metal Sonic's model has had its quality lowered a bit (to help prevent the game from lagging,) and a few features from the mod's PC version are missing from the Wii U version due to various porting problems (most notably the lack of the Neo Metal Sonic "Super" form.)

The PC version of the mod comes in two variants. The "Lite" variant features only the files for Metal Sonic and Neo Metal Sonic for full compatibility with stage mods. The "Full" variant includes all of the PC version's features (including the plane, final boss, HUD/object edits, and music changes,) but is more likely to cause problems when played alongside stage mods. The Wii U version of the mod only comes in a "Full" variant, since there's no simple way to mix and match mods like there is for the game's PC version.

The screenshots and videos seen below go over some of the mod's features, while also showcasing some of the differences between the mod's PC and Wii U versions.
Additionally, a Youtube playlist containing all of the videos made of this mod's development (including the 3 I included with the entry) can be found at the following link:\_kdB3tL\_XI\_X5ElX9f1Hx6fr

In the off-chance that something happens to the main download link (or if MEGA doesn't load for you,) you may also download the mod from the following mirror links:\_YHVbWYZEpTbFB2cy1FMms

Screenshots & Videos


Metal Sonic Lost World (Joe T.E.)
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