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-- Null Vote --

By Null

Because not every trophy deserves a winner.

Please use this entry to vote on a trophy you think has no winner in this year's contest.


Voting is not available on this entry at the moment. Please wait until the Community Trophy voting opens.


Eduardo Knuckles (Posted at 11:52:59 13-11-2016)
That's the best hack here. Looks wonderful!

D.A. Garden (Posted at 10:05:59 13-11-2016)
None of the music stood out to me this year. There were some good individual entries in places, but nothing that I felt was worthy of the D.A. Garden trophy. Ironic, maybe?

Ralakimus (Posted at 17:32:56 12-11-2016)
Clearly the best.

Ozaleto (Posted at 15:19:57 12-11-2016)
I never thought that something like this would ever run on a 16-bit console. This is amazing.

Clownacy (Posted at 00:04:37 10-11-2016)
This hack was clearly made by MarkeyJester - it will win every trophy.

L3DZ (Posted at 20:39:28 09-11-2016)
Scorched Quest, Virtual Adventure, Knuckles Emerald Hunt, Dr. Robotnik's Plan B and more

I don't know why that fuck this null vote exist. delete yourself

franco (Posted at 00:23:31 09-11-2016)
esto merece todos los trofeos de shc 2016

Giova (Posted at 19:48:57 08-11-2016)
This deserves the Hidden Palace Trophy.

Pacguy (Posted at 15:20:56 08-11-2016)
If there was a trophy for funniest joke hack, this would probably win it...

Natsumi (Posted at 14:06:29 08-11-2016)
Will this hack sweep all the trophies like last year?! I am sure it will!

Bakayote (Posted at 06:59:41 08-11-2016)
Best hack in the contest without a doubt.

Unlimited Trees (Posted at 05:07:39 08-11-2016)
Polygon Jim trophy deserves this, non of the hacks this year were interesting, and that includes my own hack.

Ashuro (Posted at 21:16:21 07-11-2016)
Masterpiece OMG!
Better than Next Level! :D

AbyssalLeopard (Posted at 21:14:46 07-11-2016)
Truly a masterpiece.

SteamPoweredPixel (Posted at 21:01:56 07-11-2016)
This hack is an honest-to-God masterpiece!

MajorMedical (Posted at 17:15:52 07-11-2016)

MajorMedical (Posted at 17:15:26 07-11-2016)
Best have ever